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WONM UNIVERSITY is a Humanitarian university. All students and professors support charity and humanitarian activity in worldwide countries.  The principle of WONM UNIVERSITY is to help people.

WONM UNIVERSITY is the sub-system of CCHM (​Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine) . WONM UNIVERSITY also is a federation university. All members are famous universities and organizations. The major member of WONM UNIVERSITY is the WONM(World Organization of Natural Medicine). 

WONM was first established on October 11, 2003, by Public Diplomats of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace (IPSP), to satisfy the needs of an international Natural Medicine Humanitarian Health organization.

WONM University is also the major member in ICSA, Japan. The branch in Japan is ICSA.

WONM University is an university for humanitarian medicine. It is also a federation university. It is accredited by many official and famous universities and organizations. Even that, it doesn’t represent it is accredited by your country.  That is it may be not accredited by your country which depend on your countries regulation. We focus on talent development. After students graduated from WONMU, they have to perform the humanitarian supports. 

To fulfill its mission a registry was established to register practitioners and doctors with established educational standards and organizations that concurred with its mandate for humanitarian services geared towards underserved groups.

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